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Basic characteristics

This is an application for backing up the data block from PLC S7-200, 300, 400 and 1200 over an ethernet connection. This application was developed to automatically reset the datablock by TIA application when downloading the project. The application can be used for simply backing up the datablock into a file and then later uploading it (recapture, settings, etc.)


  • Backing up datablocks from Siemens PLC Simatic S7-200, S7-300/400 and S7/1200 via Ethernet network (TCP)
  • Protocol ISO over TCP - S7 communication
  • Backup into TXT files
  • Application is distributed for free usage in commercial and also noncommercial settings

Example of backup data from S7-1200

  • Sets parameters of project, see above. Read data from PLC
  • Download program to PLC (resets data in datablock)
  • Write backup data from application into the PLC
  • Set PLC to run mode
Product version Order number
7Backup 2 Freeware