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References | Elekt Labs s.r.o.

The Innovative Software Company


Kingspan, a.s.

  • Administration and management of the Firebird SQL server
  • Optimization of the algorithm for the automated lay-out of panels to packages (minimisation of meters of pallets, minimisation of packages, etc.)
  • Maintenance and the development of the information system
  • Declaration of performance
  • Line-up of the data collection from PLC to the APPLIED STATS system
  • Coordination of the integration of new lines to the system.
  • Super fast vizualization of the production line
  • Measuring deviations of sheet edges with regard to straightness. 
  • Cut type system modification
  • Central MES system for CEER
  • Communication with new machine PuMa
  • Linking SAP to the MASA system
  • Connecting Kingspan Oy to the MASA III system
  • SPC - Chemistry historian
  • Saw and stacker application - solutions in cooperation with PLC provider Hennecke
  • Development of interface for SG enterprise information system
  • Modifying the Panel Cut System
  • Integration of profiling mill for x-dek profile into production line

Ball Aerosol Packaging

  • Installation, development and the maintenance of the MASA system
  • Complete overhaul of the electronic equipment for the water compressive apparature including line-up to the MASA system
  • Line-up of measuring instruments (sling keeper, departure, micrometer, weight, single-purpose testers) to the MASA system
  • Electronic production order
  • Development of the porosity measuring instrument
  • Development and modification of zone management applications for product sorting
  • Rotating mechanism for Keyence
  • Realization of the planning board in the MASA system
  • Project Fire Warning
  • Project Alert Technician
  • Connection of the transport system and applicator to the MASA III system - cooperation with KODYS company
  • Extension of keying device by rotating mechanism and data storage

Case studies

ČZ, a.s. - Divize Slévárna hliníku

  • Evaluation of the ratio between new and reused material in the STRIKO melting furnace as well as the integration to MASA application
  • Administration and management of Firebird SQL server
  • Connection of the high pressure press FRECH DAK 500 with the DATAVARIO system to the MASA system
  • Consultation on the implementation of measurement
  • Connection of two low pressure presses to the MASA system
  • Connection of a new furnace, Elsklo type RKL 1000 TS, to the MASA system
Case studies
  • Connection of two low pressure diecasting machines to the MASA system
  • Interpretation of the new to reused material ratio in the melting furnace


  • Installation, development and the maintenance of the MASA system
  • Line-up of measuring instruments (sling keeper, departure, micrometer, weight, single-purpose testers) to the MASA system
  • Connection of measuring laboratories to the MASA system
  • Connection of Lintech Laser Tooling data to the MASA system
  • Connecting new production lines to the MASA system
  • Measurement of energy consumption
  • Integration of the production line into the MES system at the PLC level - development of replacement for the classic central PLC
Case studies
  • Automation in quality control process
  • Easy expansion of PLC inputs with optical isolation

Toray Textiles Central Europe s.r.o.

  • Installation, development and maintenance of the MASA system. In this case, the system is used to document the manufacturing conditions of airbag fabrics in connection with laboratory tests and the issuing of certificates
  • Connection of laboratory equipment to the SPC module
  • Connection of Keyence Machines to the MASA system
  • The Waterless Plates Project - connecting the Keyence Machine to the MASA III system, communication with QAD and specially designed measuring tables
  • Connecting the Johnsons Control Air Conditioners to the MASA III System

TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s. Válcovna Bohumín

  • Training of information system operator for production planning and control of the universal trio stool
  • Development of an application for accounting and the evaluation of treaders to the universal trio stool
  • Development of the SW for the evaluation of incrush temperatures


  • Implementation of OS Linux (kernel 2.6) on customer hardware: Bootloader, device drivers, custom mini-distribution of selected components


  • Replacement of the QUARD data collection system 
  • Connection of the new system to HELIOS GREEN
  • Replacement of industrial computers for the PLC

DEL a.s.

  • Network administration, consultation
  • Development of new ASP.NET modules

Synergit s.r.o.

  • SW for line management in Kingspan

RAJMONT s.r.o.

  • Programming of the Indramat

Cellthera s.r.o.

  • Monitoring of cryogenic boxes

AUTEL, a.s.

  • Connection of the Sontag scissors to the control system

AUTMES s.r.o.

  •  Modification of the communication to the PLC