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Elekt Labs s.r.o.

Elekt Labs s.r.o. develops MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for the automation and optimization of production processes. It provides sophisticated solutions to everyday problems. This includes adjusting and developing systems for planning, optimization and data collection of production in industrial processes. Elekt Labs s.r.o. is strictly focused on client needs. Its aim is to create a fast, stable, predictable, customized and user-friendly software with an acceptable price and service.

Here at Elekt Labs we are committed to learn and successful development of individuals in the technology field. We were a proud partner of the "Student Scientific Competition On the Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Science" at the Palacký University in Olomouc. The aim of this competition is to motivate students to participate actively in science, research and learning. We support all students studying in these areas and continue to do so through hiring of students and interns. We also provide free downloads of some of our programs, to contribute to learning and knowledge of technology. See the Utility section for more information.

Measuring and Statistic Application (MASA)

"Measuring and Statistic Application" is a production information system used for monitoring and evaluating machinery and other technological systems. This is achieved through automated data collection. The aim of the application is to constantly and quickly identify problematic areas in order to remove them. This contributes to substantial cost savings as well as improving quantity and quality of production. The principle of the application is built on a continuously updated database, and subsequent processing through optional modules or providing the data for its own processing.

Basic features 

  • Instant overview of monitored machines' activity
  • Instantly views historical data (for the whole period of data collection)
  • Intuitive control over the web interface
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Unlimited number of users - payment is per monitoring machine, not per user
  • Simplified version as part of the visualization machine (no need for a server and connection to the corporate network)
  • Easily extends monitoring to other machines
  • Modularity – pay only for the module you need
  • Internet accessibility (encryption and authentication by user name and password is available)

Other activities

  • Programming of DB applications - programming of DB applications on the Firebird platform, especially in combination with connection to PLC or other technologies
  • Programming of PLC - programming of PLC Simatic from Siemens, with a focus on communication and data collection from production lines and measuring instruments
  • Development of electronics - for particular situations, when is not possible to buy a ready-made solution, we have our own approach or we can utilize job-order manufacturing of electronics
  • Solution of atypical work - work which requires knowledge from more specializations or access to research. Typical work we have completed:
    • Rule-based incremental parametric optimiser that was developed for Kingspan group
    • Analysis of temperatures of incrushes at the rolling-mill VB-UT for TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s.
    • Implementation of the simulating program PLC S7/300 at the net of Ethernet for Kingspan CZ
    • Connection of machines with the interface DIGIMATIC to PLC S7/200 for Ball Aerocan CZ s.r.o.
    • Polychromatic control buttons for Ball Aerocan CZ s.r.o.
    • Analysis of the rate of new material and returns for ČZ a.s.

We Streamline Industrial Enterprises


2004 Establishment of the company. Programming of DB systems with DELPHI and ASP.NET. Connection of machines to the MASA monitoring system at ČZ a.s. - Division Aluminum foundry.

2005 Foundation of the developmental workplace in Velký Týnec. Automated temperature measurement of incrushes for TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s., using the MASA system to record values was completed.

2006 First permanent employees, extention of programming to the PLC Simatic S7/200, first foreign orders. Introduction of the MASA system at Toray Textiles Central Europe s.r.o..

2007 Inclusive deliveries of electronic equipment. Installation of the automated system for managing, optimizing and disposal of production in Kingspan Sp. z o.o. (Poland) and Kingspan kft. (Hungary) was completed.

2008 Marked extension of the developmental team. Development of an apparatus (porosimeter) for Ball Aerocan CZ s.r.o., deployment of the production quality control module to the MASA system.

2009 Next extension of the team, development of industrial electronics with CPU ARM7.

2010 Connection of the new function,"Packer" to the MASA system for Ball Aerocan CZ s.r.o.. Development MASA II. Implementation of data collection in SICO RUBENA s.r.o.. The development of a new version of the porosity measuring apparatus. 

2011 Implementation of new production lines in Ball Aerocan CZ s.r.o. and MORAVIA CANS a.s.. Connection of MASA to the SAP system in Ball Aerocan CZ s.r.o.. The development of new electronics (differential amplifier).

2012 Development of the 8xDigimatic Data concentrator for automating quality control using the measuring devices Digimatic and RS232 interface begins. Connection of two low pressure presses to the MASA system in ČZ a.s.

2013 Development of the Data concentrator continues.

2014 Development of Super Fast Vizualization of Production Line" project at Kingspan kft. in Hungary. Connection of new airbag lines at Toray Textiles Europe s.r.o. to the MASA II system.

2015 Development and implementation of the rotation mechanism for the Keyence machine at Ball Aerocan CZ s.r.o.

2016 Introduction of the system: MASA III. Completion of the Waterless Plates project at Toray Central Europe s.r.o.

2017 Connection of the Finnish production plant to MASA III. The development of Transporeon logistics module for transport planning, including its link to our package optimizer.

2018 1. phase of implementation of plant Paroc to the central MES MASA III. Development  in our relationsip with Ball Aerosol Packaging - plants Devizes, UK and Bellegarde, France have decided to implement our system MASA III into their production.

2019 Implementation of MASA III in Ball Aerosol Packaging Devizes and Bellegarde. Extension of optical comparator Keyence.

2020 Implementation of system MASA III in Hoesch Bausysteme GmbH in Oldenburg, Germany. Registration Elekt Labs trademark. Development a new fully automatic Enamel Rater.

2021 Implementation MASA III in TeraSteel plants in Leskovac, Serbia and Bistrita, Romania.


Since January 2021, a new development office directly in Olomouc. We are currently recruiting here both ASP.NET Developers and Delphi Developers. For more information, please see the Careers Section