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Measuring and Statistic Application

MASA is a production information system used for monitoring and evaluating the machinery equipment and other technological systems based on automated data collection. The aim of the application is to constantly and quickly identify problematic areas in order to remove them. As a result of this, MASA will contribute to increase the quality and quantity of production as well as substantial cost savings. The principle application is built on data being continuously stored in a database, and the subsequent processing through optional modules or providing data for separate processing.

Basic features

  • Instant overview of what is happening on the monitored machines
  • Instantly available to view historical data (for the whole period of data collection)
  • Intuitive control over Web Interface
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Unlimited number of users - payment for the monitoring machine, not per user
  • Simplified version as part of the visualization machine (no need for a server and connection to the corporate network)
  • Easy extensibility to other machines
  • Modularity – pay only for the required module
  • The ability to access over the Internet (encryption and authentication by user name and password is commonplace)
  • Option to use Czech or English

Main functions

  • Analysis of utilization of machine time
  • Analysis of defects
  • Analysis of errors
  • Analysis of downtimes
  • Archiving data for audit
  • Classification of operators
  • Classification of maintenance
  • Translation vocabulary for local terminology
  • SPC additional module
  • OLAP additional module

Product version

Product version Order number
License for the MASA III system server MASASRV_III
License to connect one machine to the MASA III MASACLIENT_III
License for connecting production lines to the MASA III system MASALINE_III
License for the SPC MASA III module, one per machine or line MASASPC_III