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Basic characteristics

The RGB control panel is designed for industrial environments. It signals several machine states using color back-lit buttons. Control panels can be equipped with a various number of buttons. Each button is backlit by three primary colors - red, green, blue, which enables a 7 color combinations:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Cyan
  • White

In addition to lighting up, buttons can also flash. The individual buttons are connected in series. For communication, it uses four data signals.


  • Power Supply: 5 V/ 40 mA
  • Max. frequency CLK: 1 KHz
  • Power/button: max. 70mA
  • Max. buttons in series: 8
  • Possibility (number of buttons x number of lines) 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4, other on agreement
Product version Order number
One button RGB control panel RGB-1x1
Two button RGB control panel RGB-1x2
Three button RGB control panel RGB-1x3
Four button RGB control panel RGB-1x4
Five button RGB control panel RGB-1x5
Four button RGB control panel (two lines) RGB-2x4
Four button RGB control panel (four lines) RGB-4x4

Examples of use

The RGB control panel is used when you need to display various machine states to operators. For example, during the production of aluminum cans, it is necessary take samples and measure whether they have the correct dimensions. Each button will be used for measuring one parameter of the cans. At one button can be displayed for example these states:

  • Unlit button – Quiescent status
  • Flashing orange color – Request to measure
  • Lighting white color – Measurement of can parameter
  • Blinking red color – Measured values are out of set limits
  • Lighting blue color – Can is in furnace
  • Lighting green color – Request to measure the porosity of can after resurfacing from the furnace

Description of the connection

In most industrial automation cases, 24 V logic is used. Therefore, a converter is needed from 24 V to TTL logic, for example, control panel to PLC. The RGB control panel can be connected to the RGB Link, which allows the connection of up to 2 RGB control panel (8 buttons each).

Description of signals

Signal Pin Designation signal
+5 V 1 Power Supply (positive pole)
Data In 2 Input data - color setting LED
Clkl 3 Clock
Data Out 4 Output data - state buttons
Strobe 5 Acknowledge signal
GND 6 Power Supply (zero pole)

Time diagram

Test mode

To verify the functionality and the correct wiring of the control panel,  there is an integrated test function in the individual LED modules. After connecting the control panel to the power, it has a gradual period of about 250 ms, where lights on each button show the following colors– red, green, blue and white.


Common parameters
Power Supply 5 V
Idle Power Consumption/Button (no lights) 0.4 mA
Maximal Power Consumption/Button (Lighting white) 40 mA
Maximal frequency Clk 1kHz
Number of buttons in a series until 8
Lighting color combinations Red, green, blue, orange, purple, cyan, white
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
IP Ratings IP65
Version Dimensions Weight
One button panel 64x68x66 mm 200 g
Two button panel 100x68x66 mm 350 g
Three button panel 130x68x66 mm 500 g
Four button panel 160x68x66 mm 650 g