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Basic characteristics

ELFoxSound is an application that reads data from a Tecomat Foxtrot PLC and then plays it through a standard sound card using the Epos speech synthesizer.


  • Supports PLC Tecomat Foxtrot
  • The speech synthesizer Epos (language support: Czech, Slovak)
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ELFoxSound Freeware


  1. First download and install the speech synthesizer Epos.
  2. Download and unzip the ELFoxSound program.
  3. Application settings are in the ini file.

Tips and tricks

  • Use Bluetooth repro to distribute sound inside the building
  • Use a long range Bluetooth dongle
  • To simplify distribution of PLC of PUB file, add it into PLC web root. The application will automatically download it:
    1. In Mosaic, open "Project Manager/Sw/Export Files/Sending Files To PLC"
    2. Set "Auto send newer files to PLC" and "Send assembler file (.pub)" to true
    3. Set "Shorter file name" to: "www\var"
    4. NOTE: It doesn't work if you have PLC name shorter then 9 characters.

PLC program example

// Text to Speech
Voice:byte; // Voice number. 0-Default
Msg:string; // Text to say (win1250 encoding)

if System_S.PERIOD_PULSE_10SEC then
TTS.Msg:='Vážení, někdo k Vám jde na návštěvu. Běžte mu laskavě otevřít. Děkuji.';