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Basic characteristics

The DataCross application is designed to collect data from various devices or data storage such as PLC, data concentrators, or even MS Access mdb files. For each type of access to the data using the providers.

Memory access of DataCross is the same as if it were a S7-300 CPU and the data was stored as its datablocks. There is also the possibility of PascalScript scripting, which can be programmed with its own data pre-processing (computing, filtering, data transformation) or a custom provider. 


Application for data collecting from different kind of PLC and datasources. Application is able to store data into MASA database, or works as ISOTPC/S7 server on Ethernet network.

  • Siemens SIMATIC S7/300, S7/400 Ethernet (ISOTCP/S7)
  • Indramat CLM
  • Siemens S5/AS511
  • Elekt Labs Measurement Acquisition Protocol (ELMAP)
  • IBHLink (S7/300, S7/400)
  • MS Access mdb files
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Full version DataCross DataCross
Data Cross Lite Freeware

Global shared memory

DataCross on the network appears as an S7-300 CPU and can be accessed the through ISOTCP/S7 protocol (e.g. by an OPC server). Data is stored in the global shared memory, which represents datablocks in the simulated PLC. They configure the tasks in accordance with the needs of the datacross.ini file for each provider.


A provider allows access to a specific data source. Providers can be used both to read and write data so the data pre-processing or storage of diagnostic signals are sent to the SQL database (support for MASA database). In general, providers are divided into those who need data retrieved from the device and then stores them in a shared global memory and those providers who process data in memory and stores as required for other devices or systems.

List of providers:

  • Provider Description
  • Access Allows access to data in MS Access database (.mdb soubory).
  • CLM_M Provides communication with Telemecanique ABB Heidenhain CLM.
  • FreePort Communication using ELMAP protocol.
  • ISOTCP Communication using ISO on TCP protocol.
  • Math Allows you to process any scripts written in PascalScript as access to databases, file access, filtering, calculations, data transformations, ...
  • NoDave Provider using library functions LIBNODAVE for communication with the Simatic S7 PLC.
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