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Basic characteristics

The 8xDigimatic is used to automate quality control using the measuring devices Digimatic and RS232 interface. When compared to manual entry of the measured values, it provides high speed and reliability.

8xDigimatic uses heuristic protection, allowing the user to set limits, for example. If the measured size of the product is outside the preset limits, the operator will have to measure the dimension again.

Measuring system with the 8xDigimatic is divided into several steps. First, the 8xDigimatic is placed in the distribution box, to which peripherals are connected with protection rating IP65. During normal operation, the operator comes into contact only with peripherals. The peripherals include control panel, LED beacon, measuring device with an RS232 or Digimatic interface and a measuring station for measuring non-standard values, etc.

The firmware can be modified or extended by agreement according to the customer's wishes. 


  • Supply voltage 8 V – 30 V
  • 8x Mitutoyo Digimatic  (compatible with Mahr etc.)
  • 8x RGB Link for controlling RGB operator panels, each up to 8 LEDs (total up to 50 LEDs)
  • 1x SPI Master for stacking (up to 4 panels)
  • 1x SPI Slave
  • 3x RS232 (for connetion of devices with interface RS232)
  • 1x RS485 (for connection to PLC)
  • 6x Digital input 5/24 V
  • 4x Digital output 24 V
  • 1x Analog input 0 - 10 V
Product version Order number
Data concentrator 8xDIGIMATIC

Differences between common Digimatic Multiplexer and Elekt Labs 8xDigimatic

Common Digimatic Multiplexer

0. Selects the appropriate measuring instrument to measure the dimension of the product
1. The PC operator selects the measurement Dimension 1 and then measures it
2. The PC operator selects the measurement Dimension 2 and then measures it
Higher requirements for operator
x  Control PC and measuring instrument are not located in the visual field of operator
x  Time demand
x  Error rate

Elekt Labs 8xDigimatic

0. Selects the appropriate measuring instrument to measure the dimension of the product
1. On the control panel operator selects the measurement Dimension 1 and measures it
2. On the control panel operator selects the measurement Dimension 2 and measures it
3. The measured values are automatically sent to the server

+ Intuitive control
+ Reduced measurement time
+ Automatic measurement requests
+ Heuristic protections against incorrect measurements 
+ Indications for exceeding the limits
+ Control panel and measuring instrument are located in the visual field of the operator


Connecting the measuring instruments

8xDigimatic is primarily designed for connecting measuring instruments with Digimatic interface. Allows up to 8 gauges with this interface. Each port is equipped with a two-color LED indicating proper function of the connected gauge.

The RS232 is other commonly used interface with measuring instruments. The data concentrator is equipped for connection of one measuring instrument with RS232 interface.

These interfaces can be connected to measurement devices from different manufacturers such as Mitutoyo (calipers, indicators, etc.), Mahr (calipers, indicators, etc.), Kern (table scales, etc.), Sencon (coating thickness etc.) and more.

Measurement and signaling with RGB control panel

Most commonly produced multiplexers  for measuring devices with Digimatic interface have only one button per device. This means that they are able to measure only one parameter and more physical devices are required to measure more parameters. 

In contrast, the 8xDigimatic control panel, that is connected to 8 measuring devices, has 8 buttons, allowing it to measure up to 8 parameters with a single physical device. You simply press the corresponding button to select the measured parameter. 

Individual buttons are backlit RGB LEDs. This allows the operator to view the different measurement states.

For example:

  • Unlit button – quiescent status
  • Flashing orange color – request to measure
  • Lighting white color – measurement of the parameter
  • Blinking red color – measured values are out of set limits

Interface RS485

The RS485 interface can be used to connect the PLC, allowing it to:

  • Measure non-standard parameters
  • Conduct semi-automatic or automatic measurement

Data collection via interface RS232

Communication with the superior system is via interface RS232 which is able to read data from 8x Digimatic.
There exist 2 versions of firmware that differ by communication protocol with superior system:

  • Communication protocol is compatible with protocol Mitutogo MUX-50
  • Elekt Labs protokol - Elekt Labs Measurement Acquisition Protocol (ELMAP)

Other properties

In addition to communication interface, the 8x digimatic has a data concentrator available with 6 general purpose digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. Near each input is a jumper, which allows you to change the compatibility between TTL and 24 V logic. These outputs are galvanically separated. Activity inputs and outputs are signaled by the LED. Analog values ​​are determined by the analog input range of 0 to 10 V.

If more interfaces are needed,  it is possible to do so by connecting 8xDigimatic in a cascade. You can thus connect up to 4 modules. Each package includes:

  • 32x Interface Digimatic
  • 32x RGB Link for control RGB panels (total of 200 LED)
  • 4x RS232 for connecting measuring devices
  • 4x RS485
  • 24x Digital input 5/24V
  • 16x Digital output 24V
  • 4x Analog input 0-10V

8xDigimatic can supply voltage of 8 V - 30 V. For installation in a distribution box, it is equipped with a 35 mm DIN rail for mounting.

Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Mounting DIN rail 35 mm
Dimension (WxHxD) 144x121x75 mm
Weight 400 g